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Voxelhost Android App Server Control Screen


Voxelhost offers free and on demand game servers. Whenever you and your mates decide it's time, hit the start button and your server will be running in no time. Eventually more than 100 games and flavors will be supported.

How does it work? It's cloud based. That means servers are fast, reliable and on demand. We only need to pay when you actually use your server. So servers can simply be financed by watching ads while being on the toilet or waiting for friends to turn up.

We are currently in closed alpha. Sign up to get invited when we stock up on testers and to stay informed. Closed beta on Google Play will launch late 2019ish. Android app release is early 2020. IOS support and beta will be announced later.


  • Game Selection
    Game Selection
  • Flavor Selection
    Flavor Selection
  • Server Control
    Server Control
  • Server Settings
    Server Settings